5 Best GPS Trackers For Your Car

When it comes to the safety of your car or any other valuable asset, you do take every precaution. Particularly, cars are quite expensive and a necessity for an individual’s life. Apart from central alert locks and safe parking premises, what’s that missing precaution you have been ignoring for a while? Well, it is a GPS tracker which gives you complete safety satisfaction for your car. Here are the best five GPS tracking devices for your car’s safety.

1. Spy Tec STI GL300 Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracker

This Spy Tec Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracker is one of the tiniest GPS trackers ever built with 3 cm in length and 8 oz in weight. The tracker comes with a long battery life of two weeks between charges. It attaches to the vehicle and belt and it can be inserted even in your backpack. The tracker easily syncs with Google Maps in real time over the internet, and the user gets texts and email alerts when the vehicle leaves the area.

2. Optimus Tracker GPS Tracker

Optimus Tracker is another excellent GPS tracker for your car.  This tracker comes with no activation and cancellation charges, there are no hidden fees in the product,  and apps are available for iPhone and Android for easy tracking and syncing with the tracker. The tracker has a lot to offer like email and text messages alerts, leaving and entering areas, driving reports, SOS button, etc.

3. Logistimatics Mobile 200 GPS Tracker With Audio Monitoring

Logistimatics Mobile 200 is a tracker for vehicles. The tracker comes with the incredible feature of Live Audio which enables you to hear what is happening at your tracker’s location. A user can call the tracker’s phone number to hear live audio. This real-time GPS tracking of the device gets a vehicle’s every 30 seconds movement report. Its long battery life of 2-3 weeks between charges makes the tracker more desirable to users.

4. TKSTAR 90 Days GPS Tracker

TKSTAR GPS Tracker performs accurate positioning as well as real-time positioning and monitoring. The tracker displays entire location information and supports Android, iOS, and web browser version. This tracker comes with a strong attached magnet in it and needs no installation, just find an iron surface in your car and attach it to the surface. This TKSTAR tracker has the longest duration of 90 days of battery life per charge, which eases the problem of the user of charging the device every 2-3 weeks.

5. AES RGT90 GPS Tracker

This is one most of the most inexpensive and in-demand GPS tracker in the list for your car. AES RGT90 comes with a long battery life of 90 days per charge and supports Android and iOS and the company’s web browser version. By tracking from this device, the user gets every 20-second movement report in the app or in the browser. And it comes with pre-activated 3 months free online tracking service along with the purchase of this tracker.

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