Apex Legends: How to Unlock the New Battle Pass

With the launch of Apex Legends title in the recent February month, Respawn has managed to secure its presence in the hearts of millions of gamers and have excited the entire community related to the battle royale genre.

Still, the developers at Respawn are working hard to develop new and thrilling content for players to enjoy and stay connected with the title. Moreover, the upcoming first Battle Pass season for Apex Legends title is also set to be rolled out in the near future for the fans to enjoy brand new content in the game and improve on the in-game experience.

This new season 1 of Apex namely Wild Frontier would feature an optional Battle Pass for players to access if they desire. The new season would be live from March 19th from 10 AM where players will be allowed to pick up on Battle Pass.

In addition, all the players who will become the part of this new season 8 would be rewarded with awesome rewards like five Apex Packs, exclusive Wild Frontier skin and eighteen Wild Frontier stat trackers. All of these items would be awarded to the gamers for free as a complimentary gesture for fans to enjoy with this first season.

Apex Legends players can avail the standard Battle Pass for 950 Apex Coins, and the Battle Pass bundle would be available for 2,800 Apex Coins. If you are looking forward to spending some extensive cash or have won a lot of Apex Coins by winning matches, then Battle Pass bundle would be an excellent option to choose from the two as by purchasing this deal players would be able to access all the locked items until level twenty-five.

But there is another option available for all those gamers who are in search for cheaper alternatives to unlock the new season 8 standard Battle Pass. If a player is satisfied with a regular Battle Pass, then they can use the below-mentioned trick to spend up to 50% less and get started with the new Season Pass.

If the standard Battle Pass option is viable for Apex players, then Xbox One players can directly sign up to EA Access, and PC players would have to sign up to the Origin Basic Access, which would cost $5 per month. By subscribing to these gaming services players will receive 1000 Apex Coins which could be spent to unlock the standard Battle Pass, and 50 more Apex coins could be used later as you only require 950 coins to unlock that deal.

Moreover, players will also get some additional rewards by using the gaming services, these include Banner Badge and Epic weapon skin, so players should really consider this option as if you directly purchase the Apex Coins then it would require about $10 to get the 950 Apex coins. So players should instead sign in with associated gaming services and get the same deal in about 50% less. Hopefully, this new season 1 of Apex Legends proves to be exciting and thrilling for the fans and introduce compelling new content for players to enjoy in the title.

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